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When you constantly face rejection of your loan request, your stress can be increased. In a bad credit situation, when you feel like the doors of borrowing funds are closed forever, the online direct lender will come to your rescue. Private lenders are lenient and they never judge your creditworthiness through your past borrowing history. In short, online lenders bring you a chance to improve your financial situation by lending you money despite poor credit history.

The lender has the right to set whatever criteria for approval they want to within reason and the bounds of the law. A credit score is a criterion that banks and credit unions choose to set, so they reserve the right to deny applications based on bad credit. They consider this as a method of protecting themselves from non-payments but fail to acknowledge that not everyone with bad credit is a risk.

No guarantor loans for bad credit are an unsecured form of credit, making them more expensive than secured loans. However, you can still compare unsecured lenders to see which ones offer low APR loans for bad credit with no guarantor. If you need a loan but your credit is poor, don’t try to hide your credit score by searching for no-credit-check loans. Instead, find an FCA authorised direct lender that specializes in loans for people with bad credit. Some direct lenders provide payday loans, short term loans and even personal loans for people with low credit. 
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